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Top 5 Maui Ocean Activities

Maui, United States

Maui Magic Molokini and Beyond Adventure: Take a trip to Molokin and beyond on a state-of-the-art powerful catarman Maui Magic to see the dolphins of the Pacific. Take trip on the Maui Magic ... have an adventure that only few can claim! Maui Magic is a custom-built, state-of-the-art, powerful 54 foot catamaran that is totally ynique in every way. Experience the exhilaration of the wind blowing through your hair as you zip over the Maui waters on your way to some of Maui´s best snorkling sites! Designed for speed and loaded with amenities, the Maui Magic accommodates smaller groups for maximum comfort. Enjoy a true Hawaiian music too!. Snorkel sites include the Kanaio coast, La Perouse Bay, Molokini, Turtle Arches, and the beautiful Coral Gardens|all sites are weather permitting).

Lanai Dolphin Raft Adventure in possibly the most exciting snorkel tour from Maui Rated one of the best snorkeling trips in Hawaii. A raft seventure beyond all others around the entire island of Lanai! The Lanai Dolphin Rafting adventure is an exceptional snorket trip that leaves from Lahaina. On this tour you will travel aal the way around the island of Lanai getting up close and personal to ship wrecks, sea, caces, sea cliffs and three spectacular snorket stops. With only a maximum of 18 passengers on board the raft, each snorkel stop feels like a private excursion where you will see some of the bluest water and rare sea life that exists only on the remote coast of Lanai. Private tours are also available on this craft with minimum of 4 hours. In order to go all the way around Lanai you will need to schedule at least 8 hours.

Calypso Morning Molokini & Turtle Snorkel: Book the Calypso, and hekad out to snorkel Molokini and Turltle Town in confort and style. This half-day ocean excursion is sure to knock your socks off! Visit two incredible snorket sites and chow down on breakfast and lunch served up by an awesome, safety-conscious crew. You ĺl have over an hour to explore both the world famous Molokini Crater and the superfun Turtle Town! Snorkel gear and instructions, flotation devices, prescription masks, wetsuits, digital underwater cameras, professional underwater photography, and chocolate chip cookies are all on bowel. Many of these are included and some are for rent or purchase.

Alii Nui Deluxe Sailing & Snorkeling: Experience the best in comfort, adventure and fun aboard the Alii Nui, one of Maui´s most luxurious sailing catamarans. Enjoy an exquisite 6-hour sailing adventure aboard the Alii Nui, one of Mauis most luxurious sailing catamarans. You´ll experience 1st class treatment an incredibly comfortable and uncrowded ride and snorkle at some of the Worldś most popular spots Molokini Crater and Trutle Arches. You´ll also get to spoil your taste buds with delicious meals, delight yourself in your favorite drink and come home with memories which will last you a lifetime!

Alii Nui Royal Sunset Dinner Cruise: Experience one of Maui´s most luxurious catamaran as you sail towards the sunset. For these who enjoy luxury, fine cuisine and inpeccable the Royal Feast Dinner Sail maybe the perfect choice. It´s a 65 ´sailing catamaran 36´wide vessel, with ample desk space and designed to guide over the Maui waters in comfort and style. Whether you´re looking for a romantic evening or just an opportunity to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset from the ocean, the Royal Feast Dinner Cruise will be an unforgettable experience

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