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Mardi Gras In Louisiana

New Orleans, United States


Everywhere else it´s just a Tuesday.

Mark Twain once wrote that a traveler¨... has not seen the United States until he has seen Mardi Gras in New Orleans.¨ Of the hundreds of Lousiana festivals none tops Mardi Gras. Spectacular parades, unbelievable costumes, music, dancing, food drink-take your pick of places to indulge ad enjoy. The biggest celebration occurs in New Orleanc, but nearly every community in the state has its own version of the annual party. Wherever you go you can find the style that best suits you including tons of family-style celebrations.

Whatś the Holiday About?

While itś a secular celebration Carnival in New Orleans-and around the world-is rooted in Christian and Roman Catholic traditions. The season begins on Jan.6, the 12th day after Christmas, and continues until Mardi Gras, which is the final day of feasting, drinking and revelry before Ash Wednesday and the fasting associated with Lent.

New Irleans has the largest and best-known Carnival celebrations in the U.S. with street parties, fancy balls and boisteros parades. The processions range, from neighborhood-based walking clubs-like Fridayś Bosom Buddies"march-to elaborate, high-tech extravaganzas that feature massive floats laden with flashing lights and giant animated figuires.

How do people celebrate the end?

Carnival celebrations-parties, fancy masked balls and other markers of the season-may start on Jan.6, but the big buildup to Mardi Gras happens in New Orleans in the final 12 days of the season, with large parades rolling past mansions on St. Charles Avenue and into the downtown, area of office buildings and hotels. Large parades also roll through the suburbs and in varous areas across the Gulf Coast.

Whatś The VIBE?

The atmosphere varies from neighborhood, and from street to street. Alng the parade routes the vibe is family friendly. Groups stake out picnic areas just off the route and food trucks hawk cotton candy,funnel cakes and corn dogs.

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