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Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Hot Springs, United States

Be soothed by Arkansas' thermal waters

Take an hour, or an entire day, to visit an urban park, where American Indians some 14,000 years ago sought out the healing powers of pools of unusually cold and hot spring water. As exploration moved west, it was natural for a few cabins to be built around the bathing spots and, for the past 150 years, ornate bathhouses have drawn visitors to experience the 65-degree Celsius water flowing from Hot Springs Mountain. Tour the historic Fordyce Bathhouse, and stroll the Grand Promenade, which included a bandstand as early as 1901. If time permits, hike to the Mountain Tower. Don’t forget to test the water.

The first thing that attracted people to central Arkansas was water — specifically the thermal springs. And they have been coming here ever since to use these soothing thermal waters to heal and relax.

Today, Hot Springs National Park, which surrounds the north end of the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, preserves both the hot springs and the cultural sites that sprung up around them. Within the 22-square-kilometer park, you can experience the hot springs for yourself with a rejuvenating spa day along Bathhouse Row at the heart of the park. Or, for a memorable view of Hot Springs, put on your hiking shoes and follow the West Mountain Trail for panoramic vistas.

Even though there are no soaking opportunities outdoors, Bathhouse Row does have 2 available facilities that offer visitors the chance to ully submerge and relax in the thermal water. The thermal springs are piped directly into botj of these bathouses, offering users a true and authentic experience of the water.

The Buckstaff Bathhouse: Originally opened in 192, the Buckstaff is the only facility on the Row that has never full, closed since it first started offering baths.

The quapaw Bathhouse: The Quapaw Bathhouse offers modern day spa services with amenities like thermal pools, private baths, and a steam cave

Credit: Visit The USA

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