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Chilne, Az

Chinle, United States


From Chinle take the road less traveiled in the geographical heart of the Navajo Nation.

Experience the sacrred places of Chinle which offer splendid solitude and a glimpse into ancient-and-modern-ways.

The Navajos call Chinle´s Canyou de Chelly. ¨Tseyi,¨ translated literally, as ¨inside the rock.¨ In a state known formany geologic wonders it´s among the most striking and least visited.

Now a national monument, the canyon is massive it encompasses 83,840 acres. Shaped over millions of years by the twin forces of rushing water and land uplift, this comparatively little-known canyon features sandstone wlls that rise more than 1,000 feet. The most distinctive feature is a towering finger-like monolity known as Spider Rock that juts up from the canyon floor.

Inhabitaed by humans for more than 5,000 years, it still sustains modern day Navajos who live and farm the rich soils in the valley. Largely unchanged, the canyon holds well-preserved ruins such as White House Ruins and Canyon del Muerto. You can behold many of the scenic overlooks on your own. By touring with a trival guide, you´ll be able to enter the canyon and see these sites through their GGeyes, as they share stories that have been passed down over generations deepening your experience.



NAVAJO NATION MUSEUM : We collect anything that helps document the culture and history of the Navajo people, including select materials from tribal and non-Indian neighbors.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Step back in time at Canyon de Chelly National Monument Arizona. Explore the canyon walls that cradle hundreds of ancient pueblo ruins.

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