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Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, United States

Buffalo is the second-Largest in the Us State of New York. It is at the eastern end of Lake Erie, at the head of Niagara River and is across the Canadian Border

Buffalo has good, food, memorable architeture fun activities, and friendly people.

Explore the Architecture of Buffalo

Buffalo´s architecture is epic. In the late 1800´s, Buffalo boomed, becoming the country´s eighth-largest city. It was home to dozens of prominent millionaries. This maked for some amazing architecture in the downtown area. There is an official guided tour


1. Enjoy Nature in Bufaalo: Visit Buffalo in Fall for a weekend. It was beautiful. During our visit we enjoyed fall foliage. And it is like a 1 hour and a half flight from NYC or a little more than 6 hours

2. Taste great food: Our home in Buffalo was Curtiss Hotel. Very nice hotel. The rooms are spacious and cozy. The highlight is a hot tub. And during the day, hang out on the first bar floor. You can order foood there from nearby hotel restaurant Chez Ami

3. Where to Go in Buffalo: The Canal Side offers greenspac, bike paths, and marinas on the Lake Erie. During the summer the waterfront is full of kayakers paddle boarders, boaters, and bikers.

Also Buffalo is the city to enjoy if you are into industrial landscape

4. Lake Erie: The nature wonders of Lake Erie and Niagara Falls

5. Niagara Falls: Niagarra Falls has moved to Buffalo because much more is goin on in Buffalo. Especially during the winter

Buffalo Architectures

St. Joseph Cathedral or the Old Cathedral is on Franklin Street

The Old Post Office: Buffalo´s Old Post Office is now Erie Community College. There are garagoyles all around the outside of the building. Unlike typical European gargoyles, often depicting mythical creatures, these feature various animals including the American Bison

Guaranty Trust Building: The Guaranty Trust Building, also known as the Prudential Building


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