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Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, United States

Guided Outdoor Experiences in Boulder

These guided outdoor experiences take the intimidation factor out of outdoor adventure and will help you enjoy all the outdoo recreation Boulder has to offer from hiking and bidking to snowshoeing or stand-up paddle boarding with abd outdoor yoga class. With its jaw-dropping scenery (including the magnificent Flatirons) and an abundance sunshine year-round. Boulder us one of the best areas in the country for outdoor fun.

Hot Air Ballooning in Boulder

Perhaps one of the best ways to see Boulder is from the sky. Drift silently over the Boulder Valleyś rolling hills, swaying fields, ponds and stands of trees while you soak up the early-morning sun and fresh air-all with the spectacular Rocky Mountains the distance.

What to Expect

Most hot air balloon rides start at an ungodly hour (aroun 6:00a.m. or so) to catch the stillest air. A picnic breakfast of coffee, tea, pastries, muffins, and juices (and ofterntime mimosas!) helps make it worth getting there early. Boulder´s hot air balloon companies are some of the friendliest around. Theyĺl greet you, give you a weather update and if all is a go, youĺl watch the team start to set up for the ascent and most likely get a chance to lend a helping hand.

We offer year-round hot air balloon rides so you can enjoy this unique Colorado experience no matter what the season maybe. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall there is something special about flying in each of the seasons Colorado has to offer.

Winter Season: Although less freqeunt, Colorado offers several spectacular days to fly in the winter they are a real gem. Snow coats the landscape creating a winter wonderland effect. The contrast of the snow makes the mountains come to life and tracks below tell stories of their own

Spring Season: After a long winter, plants are blooming and for colorado, everything looks so green

Summer Season: You really notice the patchwork of planted fields below and as they approach the mountain ranges, you notice just how massive and spectacular they are.

Fall Season: The change of the tree colors create new and unique, scenery all around

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