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Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Petrified Forest, United States

Walk through thousands of years of history

Located deep in the remote backcountry of western Arizona’s wide expanses, Petrified Forest National Park’s 81,000 hectares encompass 225 million years of geological and cultural history. One of the lesser-visited parks in the U.S., its looming spires and ancient stones mesmerize those who bother to make the long trek out. Whether you tour by car or on foot (if you’re adventurous), the winding roads and rocky trails reveal a wonderland of craggy, colorful relics of Earth’s turbulent past and vivid markers of ancient civilizations.
Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona (about 180 kilometers east of Flagstaff) is a surprising place, offering far more than the world-renowned petrified logs for which it’s named. You can find fossils, buttes and mesas, ancient petroglyphs, wildlife and even wildflowers, depending on the time of year.

You can see the unique beauty of this sight easily from your car and a few stops at scenic overlooks. Imagine what you can see by walking one of the short maintained trails or even hiking into the backcountry. If you are craving some quiet solitude, the Painted Desert is perfect for hiking and contemplation. And for spectacular views, check out the Tiponi, Kachina, Whipple or Lacey scenic overlooks.

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